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26650 батерије ћелије
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АДРЕСА: 401 Технологија Рд, Кингки, Донггуан, ПРЦхина
МОБИЛЕ: +8613929200587
ТЕЛЕФОН: + 86-769-3901 6600
Lead a curve of 26650 Lith-ion battery in China
Are you facing the following problems
26650 Lith-ion Battery Cells
Typical Customer Case
The first BREAK 2000 cycles 26650 NCM cell in China
High consistency and data speaks
Capacity keeps consistent after long term storage
8  Key Highlights
Advanced Material Inspection and Chemical analysis
Superior Material Selection
Advanced Design Philosophy
Imported Production Equipment
On-line Monitoring System
Strictly Moisture Controlled
Abuse Test Quality Verification
Quality Traceability System
products certification